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smatsch web design has stopped all commercial activities.  The owner/director, Stephan Matschinsky, has now moved on to a job with Adobe Systems in Switzerland as a Corporate Trainer focusing on the AEM product and some of the Marketing Cloud products such as Scene7.



smatsch web design is a small Internet company specialized in the design of dynamic, data driven web sites. We know how to use the technologies of databases and of the Internet to provide the right picture.

Providing the right picture

Monet Haystack
Find the needle in the haystack!

Although change occurs at ever faster rates, human knowledge expands exponentially, and our capacity to amass data abounds, the awesome task of putting order into the relentless flux of information is often taken for granted. An abundance of information is useless if it does not provide an answer or a solution when you need it. If you are looking for a needle, the haystack can be an overwhelming barrier. Statistics are often used to give a digestible presentation of complex information but if they are poorly presented then statistics can lie. Or, if the relevant information has not been collected in an appropriate and consistent manner, the resulting statistics can give you a false map and quickly lead you astray.

Sadly, too many Internet sites and databases look a lot like haystacks or they provide information in a digest format that is incomprehensible or unreliable.

At smatsch web design we know how to use the powerful technology of the relational database to its fullest:

  • to evaluate the true nature of your information
  • to store information in the most flexible scheme
  • to retrieve the information quickly when it is needed
  • to present information in an organized, user-friendly format
  • to facilitate the maintenance and collection of information
  • to aid in the effective management and accomplishment of tasks

A picture that is accurate in every detail may give the full story, but more often than not, a user only wants one specific piece of the picture, or she wants a broad sketch that gives clear outlines. Data can be presented in an infinite number of pictures. Dynamic database-driven web design is not the art of providing the full picture, but providing the right picture to the right person.

Database and Dynamic Web Applications

If it is not just a matter of making a static Internet site but building a creative solution, tailor-made to your specific organization or business structure, then you need a database and dynamic web application designer. We can build an Internet solution for you.